Riccardo Nuzzone-Audi A4 driver

About Riccardo Nuzzone

Hometown: Cebu, Philippines

Tell us about the car you currently drive: Audi A4. This is my daily driver. It is my go-anywhere vehicle. I travel frequently to the bay area, and to the mountains.

Name some of the cars you have had in the past. Name your favorite: 1987 Jeep CJ-7 2002 Mercury Mountaineer The CJ-7 was definitely my favorite between the two.

3 interesting facts about you: Father of 2 awesome kids. My 10 year old daughter will work on cars with me and get dirty, but has no interest in cars and does not like car events. My 5 year old son is not too interested in working on cars, but will hang out at a car show for hours and have fun.

Your go-to song in the car: OTW by Khalid

Craziest thing you've seen on the road: A moose head butting a car